Silverfox FoxStix Small Felt Ball Mallet

  • Product Code Silverfox FoxStix Mallets SF-B-1
  • EAN Code 5060087904122
  • Manufacturer SilverFox
  • Stock Level In stock

SmallFoxstix multi-tom and bass mallets feature 5/8" diameter premium hickory shafts with textured vinyl grips.

  • Model SF-B-1
  • 14" Long
  • Head Diameter 1 - 3/8"
  • Alto Felt Ball

Only premium logs are hand selected for SilverFox drumsticks. These logs are cut into squares and process dried for over two weeks to factory-specific moisture levels that virtually eliminate warping and cracking. The squares are then carefully shaped into high-quality straight dowels, perfect for turning into Silver Fox drumsticks. Our experienced craftsmen know that from straight dowels come straight sticks!

Every high quality dowel is precision machined into a SilverFox drumstick on a custom built “back-knife” lathe. In a process requiring a high degree of hands-on production and skill, each stick is lathed, one-at-a-time, using three high-carbon steel knives. The result is unparalleled precision, flawless consistency, and a vastly superior drumstick.

After machining, each stick undergoes a rotational 5-step sanding process. While our sanding procedures are more labor intensive than our competitors, we believe that taking extra care to prepare the stick for finishing is a crucial step in the SilverFox process.

Each SilverFox drumstick is hand inspected, rolled and re-inspected at many different stages of the manufacturing process. Strict quality control ensures that each drumstick will have a consistent shape and perfect balance.

Most important to the player is the finish on the drumstick. And while other manufacturers finish their drumsticks in bulk tumblers using ordinary lacquer, SilverFox drumsticks are individually hand-finished using Duracrylx™, an exclusive formulation that is harder than lacquer and makes your SilverFox sticks LAST LONGER!

All SilverFox sticks are sorted to precise weight specifications. Then, a custom-designed pitch-pairing program records and analyzes the resonance of each stick, compares it to hundreds of others, and precisely pairs sticks with an identical sound profile. This ensures that each pair of SilverFox sticks will be a perfect match in both weight and pitch.

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