Pikcard Panther Guitar Picks - 3 Pack

  • Product Code Pikcard Panther 3 Pack
  • UPC Code 188122000310
  • Manufacturer Pikcard
  • Stock Level In stock


Carry 4 emergency guitar picks in your wallet. Each pick will pop out to use and then pop back in to carry.

  • Credit Card Sized
  • Each Card Holds 4 Guitar Picks
  • 3 x Cards in Pack
  • 12 x Medium Gauge Guitar Picks


PikCARD® comes to the rescue of guitar players everywhere!

With The PikCARD®, an emergency guitar pick is as close as your pocket!

The PikCARD® is the size of a standard credit card and can be kept conveniently in a wallet, purse or gig bag. 

When you need a pick, just remove one from the card.  

And when you've finished playing, your PikCARD® pick can be returned to its holder.  

Simply lay your PikCARD® on any hard flat surface and pop the pick back into place for easy storage.

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