Diddley Bows and Dulcimers

Traditionally, Diddley-Bows were made from discarded materials, and spare items found in bins, farms, and junkyards. The Wedge pays homage to this with a soup can for the bridge and nut and bolt to hold it in place at the neck.  A single string is stretched over the body with a pick-up mounted underneath. The instrument is designed to be played with a bottleneck slide but can also be "hammered", beaten with a stick or sticks.

A Hammered Dulcimer has several strings that are played with small metal hammers. The Appalachian Dulcimer, sometimes known as a Mountain or Fretted Dulcimer, is a 3 string fretted version designed to be played flat and is tuned to play in one key. Traditionally fretting is done using a short length of dowel or bamboo which holds down 1 string while the other 2 strings drone. A Bowed Dulcimer can be played upright with a bow and is a cross between a Dulcimer and a Cello.

The Stick Dulcimer is a cross between a Dulcimer and a Guitar. Having 3 strings and normally tuned to DAD, this diatonic instrument is easy to play and very portable. See also the Cigar Box Guitar.

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